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As the first reggaetón duet to feature both male and female vocalists, LDA is a group known for their versatility among the genres of rap and reggaetón. While collaborating with acclaimed reggaetón producer Boy Wonder, lead male vocalist Baby Psycho, (recently featured on Boy Wonder's latest track), first peaked Boy Wonder's interest in Reggaetón.

Both Baby Psycho and Orquídea Negra, LDA's female vocalist, are of Dominican descent and were raised in New York City. Unlike most reggaetón artists, they developed their sound in New York and have command much respect for their strong "in your face" style. Although originally an underground phenomenon, LDA is scheduled to participate in N.O.R.E.'s upcoming CD La Familia and Tony Touch's new album REGGAETONY. Their first single "Hoy" from the Chosen Few El Documental soundtrack went to the Top 5 of the R&R Latin Pool Chart last summer, and has become a popular club request

- “Reggaeton Latino” Remix feat. Chosen Few LDA
- “Flossy”
- “Hoy” Bachata Remix feat. Cheka
- “Estoy en Mi Cama”
- ….

Full album coming this summer ….


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LDA - Hoy

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Various Artists - El Draft 2005 CD

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