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Los Yo Yais

The sound of a hip hop beat being played out by a fist pounding & a hand slapping against the surface of a Taft High School cafeteria table in the Bronx, brings together two of NYC's most well respected underground Latin Hip Hop/Reggeton Artists; Shown Black & NP Killah, who come together to form "Los Yo Yais". Independently, Los Yo Yais, have sold and promoted their street credible mix tapes throughout the NY, NJ, CT areas. NYC's underground has given birth to many of mainstream Hip Hop's top artists but none as hard core yet melodic as "Los Yo Yais". The oxymoronic combination of the hard hitting lyrics of NP Killah and the unique, sultry, melodic voice of Shown Blk sets them aside from the rest of the underground up comers.

NP Killah's rap style is straight forward and to the point with slick and witty punch lines setting him aside from his competitors. Born, Christian Hernandez in Cristo Rey, Dominican Republic. NP Killah spent is younger days between school and his families bread business. The first part of NP Killah's name (NP) came from his days of peddling bread on the streets of Sabana Perdida dubbing him "Niño Pan". At the age of 14 NP's family moved to the United States to pursue a better life style for him and his two brothers. In 1995 NP enrolls in, what was at the time, one of New Yorks most notorious and quite possibly the worst high school in the country, Tafft High School in the Bronx. After an encounter with one of his classmates at the time by the name of "Baby Fresh", NP realizes his talent for music and the art of rhyming lyrics that speak about the streets and his up bringing in his native country. He began to make a name for him self by rapping in the cafeteria at lunch time and battling every day after school with the other wanna-be rappers. After linking up with DJ Mafa, NP begins putting together songs over hip hop instrumentals and puts out the first of many mix tapes which catapult Los Yo Yais street credibility.

Shown Black, also known as Juan Carlos Catala, the vocalist of the duo, brings to the table an original style of R&B/Balada with a hard twist of Hip Hop/Reggeton. Shown Black was raised between the streets of New York City and Santiago in the Dominican Republic. As a teenager Shown Black experimented with the arts and song writing by taking part in school talent shows, street festivals and other small private venues to perform his songs. It was never his intention to make a living out of entertaining a crowd it was done for the pure love of music. Many would applaud him for his talent and suggest that he take it seriously but it wasn’t something in his plans at the time. During the summer of 2004 touring with a local NYC group. After a show one night his high school friends and now partner NP Killah approached Shown Black and invited him to his studio to hang out and check out some new material he was working on. Upon listening to a few tracks NP played they agreed on working on a few of the tracks for a mix tape. Shown Black finished the summer tour and began to work on a project with NP Killah as “Los Yo Yais”.
This dynamic duo is poised to break the stereotype of what Spanish Hip Hop and Reggeton should be or sound like. One way to best describe their style is “spectacularly versatile”. Already with a strong following thanks to the Yo Yais Mix tape series, Los Yo Yais burn up the stage at every venue that is privileged to be entertained by their performance. Under the management of Nelson Frias, Shown Black and NP Killah’s talent was rewarded when they became official members of Wu-Tang Latino Family, headed by Rayroq Acosta, in May of 2005. With their smash hit single “Mamita Ven” on the Wu-Latino Album titled “Quemando el Genero”, due out in the first quarter of 2006, Los Yo Yais will prove to the music world that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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"Los Yo Yais", "Rameses" and "Impetus" from WU LATINO are ready to take the REGGAETON scene by storm!

New York, NY., RZA and Divine owners of Wu Music Group have teamed up with Ray Acosta, former VP of Musica Latina and Marketing at UBO, to launch Wu Latino.
With Reggaetón and Latin Hip-Hop blazing the charts both over seas and in the states, the time has come for stateside Latinos to create their own record labels to hone and house the unique sound, Ray Acosta, former VP of Latin music and marketing at UBO along with RZA (producer/member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan) and Divine of Wu Music Group to create and launch Wu Latino which has set out to accomplish just that. Acosta who initially built a relationship with Wu-Tang Clan during the groups early years, served as their creative consultant before he co-founded Latinflava, the most successful Latino website/TV show turned label thus far. Throughout the years, he maintained a solid relationship with RZA and his brother Divine. So when he first cooked up the idea of creating an Urban Latino label, he knew the pair would make the perfect partners.
The solid partnership between the three musical geniuses consists of Ray Acosta scouting, signing and managing the new talent, Rza handling most of the label’s production and Divine overseeing the business aspect of it all.
"Wu-Tang Latino is the perfect fusion between Hip-Hop and Reggaeton," said Ray Acosta, President of Wu Latino "I felt it was necessary because we [as Latinos] love Hip-Hop but in the love for Hip-Hop, we were losing our culture. So I feel that this joint venture with RZA is the perfect solution because it's Hip-Hop and Reggaeton, but it's not too overwhelming from either side to where you don't know what you're listening to."
The label has already signed four artists who all plan on dropping albums next year: Puerto Rican Reggaetón producer and Artist Rameses; 17-year-old Puerto Rican rapero Ruster; the infamous New York-based underground Hip-Hop duo NP Killah and Shown Black and underground sensation Impetus.
“I am happy with the venture" artist/producer Rameses said. “I have been a fan of Hip-Hop since forever, so to team up with members of the Wu-Tang Clan and to be on a label that has the same vision for my music as I do, is incredible."
In addition to Rameses, artists Ruster, Impetus, and NP Killah & Shown Black will be some of the artists featured on the upcoming Wu-Tang Latino mixtape due out in October, with solo projects due out from NP Killah and Shown Black as early as 1st quarter next year.
"We just want to bring everyone together." Acosta continued. “We want to create our own type of music on the East Coast, because we have Reggaeton, but the West coast has Regional Hip-Hop for Mexicans. Eventually I would like it all to be classified as Latino Hip-Hop to embrace us all."
Fans can expect appearances from RZA, Method Man, Ghostface, Raekwon and other Wu-Tang members and affiliates to be featured on some of the Wu Latino projects. "They're all behind me," Acosta says.
Wu- Latino's main objective is not only to establish itself as a fixture within the urban music milieu but to make a presence in Hollywood and in mainstream radio. "RZA is a top dog in Hollywood.” Ray said of his partner,” He does scores, talent searches and soundtracks. He's done both Kill Bill and the Blade trilogy, and he's working on Kill Bill 3, there is no doubt that with his genius behind our artist’s talent, we will supercede the expectations that anyone has for a Reggaeton artist.”
As the buzz continues to grow louder with Latino music dominating the charts, Wu-Latino is setting its sites on being a driving force in the growing movement. Starting in mid August they will bring their unique sound to cities nationwide, with the first single off of the Wu Music Compilation album due out this fall.
“Wu- Latino will epitomize the sound of newer generations of Latinos.” said Ray "A few years ago, Latino kids were hanging out in the street corner, and they didn't want to speak Spanish, now we have Reggaeton and Latin Hip-Hop grabbing them and they are proud to be Latino again. But what we do is different; we are taking the Reggaeton sound and mixing it with Urban Hip-Hop, that way we can really reach them."

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